Underground and multi-storey car park cleaning is part of our comprehensive portfolio in the field of professional industrial cleaning. As a service provider based in Sauerland, we work everywhere in North Rhine-Westphalia, but are also active throughout Germany. Longer journeys are no obstacle especially for larger orders and with interval cleaning of larger multi-storey or underground car parks.

parking garage cleaning

Professional underground and multi-storey car park cleaning.

As operators of underground and multi-storey car parks, our customers know what is important. In our comprehensive offer we have included both mechanical and manual cleaning services. While continuous flat surfaces can be cleaned with the help of modern scrubber-driers, the cleaning of adjacent areas and corners usually takes place manually. As part of the underground car park cleaning, the premises in which the automatic cash desks are located, technical rooms, staircases and, in some cases, external façades, must be cleaned at regular intervals. Our service personnel clean the cash desks, barrier systems as well as roller shutters and doors by hand, to create a good impression for the customers on the one hand while also preventing dirt deposits from affecting the technical equipment.

Adapted car park and multi-storey car park cleaning

For the multi-storey and underground car park cleaning we use special cleaning agents that are suitable for coated areas. We adapt the cleaning method and agent to the respective materials and ensure thorough cleanliness. Floor surfaces are given a thorough wet clean; pillars and façades are treated with suitable agents. We offer regular cleaning of multi-storey and underground car parks, so that our team takes over the complete cleaning daily or twice a week outside of peak times. Of course it is also possible to arrange longer intervals for the thorough cleaning of large properties.

Once a month or once a quarter, our team arrives to rescue multi-storey and underground car parks throughout Germany from dirt deposits, dust, soot and litter. Drainage systems, which carry rain and dripping water towards the sewer, only work properly in a clean multi-storey car park. Clogged gutters and drains are often the reason for unnecessary repair work. Such problems can be prevented with interval or maintenance cleaning by arrangement. These thorough cleanings are like maintenance work for the respective multi-storey or underground car park.

Car park cleaning throughout Germany

In addition to the underground and multi-storey car park cleaning, we also include general car park cleaning in our portfolio. What applies to covered parking areas can be transferred to a large extent to open parking areas. Here, too, interval cleaning or maintenance cleaning at regular intervals is available. Another of our company’s achievements is the introduction or renewal of parking coatings, sealants and impregnations, which protect surfaces against wear and damage even under heavy use. Contact our team to tailor your needs and get the right offer.


Foto: Federico Rostagno / 123rf.com