Professional car-wash facility cleaning (car-wash systems / gantry systems) and general petrol station cleaning

As a service company, you offer customers the chance to clean their vehicles in the car-wash system or facility and drive home with shining paintwork and optimum visibility. You offer cleanliness and are therefore interested in presenting a clean atmosphere yourself to impress customers. We provide professional, environmentally friendly and comprehensive car-wash system cleaning and are your point of contact if you want your facility to shine with cleanliness.

Thorough and interval car-wash facility cleaning by professionals

Your tunnel car wash, self-serve car wash or car-wash system needs professional cleaning at regular intervals. If you sell cleanliness and guarantee shine and visibility for your customers, you need to set a good example and ensure a welcoming and clean car-wash system or facility. Our service includes all measures for the thorough cleaning of the car-wash facility or gantry system and achieves an optimal result, even if you have not paid much attention to cleaning the car-wash system for several years,for example. While black-grey or green-mossy surfaces in front of the car-wash facility create an unattractive effect, our professional car-wash facility cleaners ensure pure cleanliness and an appealing result. We are specialists in petrol station cleaning and car-wash facility cleaning, and we attach great importance to environmental protection and professionalism in the provision of our services. You can therefore rely on an ecological car-wash system cleaning and be sure that the car-wash facility cleaning ensures a clean and welcoming shine. Even if your car-wash system is older and might not appear as good as new on the initial clean, you can ensure a better result with a regular car-wash facility cleaning every now and then. Our car-wash facility cleaners can gladly advise you and show you how cleaning the car-wash system at intervals causes visual miracles, and how our service can comprehensively unburden you of cleaning the car-wash facility.

Complete package or individual services in the car-wash system cleaning

Your customer request forms the plan for our car-wash system and petrol station cleaning. We offer you interval cleaning of car-wash facilities as a full service with complete car-wash system and petrol station cleaning, but also as individual services. If you commission us, you will never have to worry about having to clean the car-wash system on your own or to scrub it for a long time to remove soiling or discoloration, limescale or moss deposits, or to prevent mildew in a humid environment. In the full-service we offer a car-wash facility cleaning, which includes the cleaning of gates, gantries, glass panels and exterior facades in addition to the insides and floors as well as ceilings. Our car-wash facility cleaners work with know-how and many years of experience, with environmentally friendly cleaning agents and generally without the dangerous and environmentally damaging hydrofluoric acid. Despite using ecologically-oriented cleaning agents, we achieve maximum cleanliness and convince our customers with an approach that leaves behind only pure cleanliness and a welcoming tunnel car wash. After the car-wash facility cleaning, you can easily go for biological water treatment and be sure that there are no problems. In order to completely fulfil your wishes as our customer, we offer individual approaches for the car-wash system cleaning and align our scope of services exactly according to your requirements, which we implement on your behalf in cleaning the car-wash facility and petrol station.

Test a new form of car-wash facility cleaning with us!

Have you taken care of cleaning the tunnel car wash yourself and invested a lot of time in car-wash facility cleaning so far? Or had you already commissioned an external company with the car-wash facility cleaning and were for various reasons not satisfied with the price-performance ratio? We will show you what is really important in car-wash system cleaning and how even old and stubborn dirt can disappear through regular interval cleaning. Car-wash system cleaning assures you of constant customer satisfaction, since cleanliness is the best starting point when offering a car wash. If you are convinced of our qualities and would like to see the result of the car wash cleaning before deciding to continue the service, our car-wash system cleaners will gladly make you a personal offer for the interval service or a one-off service. We clean in an environmentally friendly and conscientious way, according to the latest findings in the field of biological water treatment, and guarantee not to use harmful hydrofluoric acids, which clash with your ecological objectives and the values of your customers.

Conclusion: Car-wash system cleaning required? Contact our specialists!

We will convince you with fair terms, and remind you that you do not enter into any contractual obligations for a car-wash system cleaning. Rather, we convince you with quality-oriented services that are completely matched to your needs and your personal requirements. Would you like to get an offer and are you looking to get in touch with us? Our offer is not binding and is completely free. You only pay for the service we provide and charge for a completed car-wash system cleaning. With a fair price to performance ratio, a broad portfolio of individual services and full cleaning service for car-wash facilities and petrol stations, we are your point of contact if you attach great importance to cleanliness and fair terms.

Get in touch with our team and opt for car-wash facility cleaners that fight even tough and long-term pollution, and who use environmentally friendly agents to create pure cleanliness and shine.